Thank You!
This project has been years in the making and would never have been possible without the undying help and support we have received from so many people. Thank you to Dave and Elanore at Diesel Services Unlimited, as well as Ronnie Allison and Ray Vinson, for their generous contributions to the project. Mitee Bite, Ted Wolf Motorsports, Mourer Machine, Ideal Wellness, RealTrac, Viking Trailers, Cummins, DEI, T.M.C., SignPro, and Scimitar have all contributed greatly to this project as well.

A special thanks to everyone at Carbinite, and all the team members who poured so much of their time and energy into this project. Thank you, and God Bless!
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A huge thank you goes out to Robin Lawrence and the great people at Holley EFI for supplying us with a much needed new engine management system.
We have been thoroughly impressed with this new Dominator ECU. The system is so flexible that it easily controls transmission shifting, boost control, and our active aerodynamics.
We were all truly amazed how professional the instructions were written, how intuitive the software is, and how quickly the learning algorithms got the VE table very close to perfect.
Holley Website
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Many thanks to Scott Sakuta, Steve Rouillard, and the team at Delta Gear in Livonia, MI for designing and building a super strong bottom shaft for the rear end!
Delta Gear Website
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Thank you to Steve and Brett at Aeromotive for supplying us with a killer fuel pump when we made our conversion over to running Methanol.
It was great for them to supply the hardware but the tech advise really made the conversion much less stressful.
Aeromotive Website
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A big thank you to Chris Rusch and the team at RMD Benders. Without your notcher and benders, the chassis would still just be material on the rack.
RMD Website
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Lexi and Gemma, thank you so much for the generous donation. We greatly appreciate it! Check out some of the beautiful pieces available through the Lexi and Gem Store.
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APG Vision systems aided the Streamliner project in a number of ways. A special thank you to Chris McGeary, who not only made a generous donation of funds, but is also a team member. Chris has put countless hours into the project.
APG Vision Website
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Thanks to Robert at Chiseled Performance for his generous discount on our Intercooler.
Chiseled Performance Website
Local photographs taken at Butler County Airport by
Leann Blasko, Portersville, PA.

Email Leann
Wendover Airport photographs by Liz Leggett, 23-year old photographer from MTL, Canada.

Email Liz
Test n’ Tune photographs by Pork Pie.